DE Adrian Clayborn – Iowa

2011 NFL Draft Defensive End Adrian Clayborn

2011 NFL Draft Defensive End Adrian Clayborn

Clayborn was a three year starter at right end for the Hawkeyes and is an instinctive, aware, and productive player who can contribute immediately in all situations in the NFL. He was a dominant player in Iowa and has the talent to be a solid starter in the NFL immediately. He’s a physical and tough run defender at the point of attack, quickly disengages from blockers and makes tackles at or behind the line of scrimmage. He plays with rare natural strength, power and leverage for the defensive end position and makes violent contact in the chest of the offensive lineman as a bullrusher. He hits and tackles like a runaway freight train and is most effective as a physical and strong power-rusher. He’s an instinctive and disciplined player in all situations; Bowers has the vision to peel off to the runningback in the flat on play action passes. He’s a devastating hitter and tackler and is violent and nasty on contact. His only downfall is that he lacks explosive burst and top notch acceleration in his play.

 Random Info – Adrian Clayborn before and after bee sting


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