DT Nick Fairley – Auburn

Defensive Tackle Nick Fairley 2011 NFL Draft Auburn

Defensive Tackle Nick Fairley 2011 NFL Draft Auburn

Defensive Tackle Nick Fairley 2011 NFL Draft Auburn

This years group of defensive tackles is amazing with three top prospects who could be drafted among the top 10 over all picks. Heading the class is Auburn’s Nick Fairley, a rare athlete with excellent explosiveness and strength which enables him to be a game changing defensive player in every game. He specializes in rushing the passer and stopping runningbacks in their tracks. He has the size, long arms, athleticism and strength to constantly be a disruptive force against the run and displays the initial explosive burst needed to get into the gap in a flash and blow up the running play. He has the rare ability to keep blockers on their backs while he flies down the line of scrimmage to make the tackle in pursuit and is able to shed blockers with ease. He’s an explosive passrusher who constantly pressures the quarterback and ends up forcing early passes or sacking the quarterback with his ability to explode off the ball and get in the backfield. Has the elite strength to be a top notch bullrusher at the next level, can beat 1 on 1 passblocks with ease. Has the quickness and explosive burst along with the natural instincts needed to consistently be the first defensive lineman moving at the snap. Can drive passblockers back into the quarterback’s lap easily. Has the natural instincts to not get fooled by trick plays or play action, posseses the elite quickness, speed and burst to finish plays in pursuit. Always makes the hard violent hit/tackle when he gets to the  ballcarrier. It’s hard to find a defensive tackle who is bigger than 6’4, 300lbs and has the elite athleticism and strength which makes Fairley such a rare prospect; he is the top defensive tackle in the draft who has all the tools to play in any defensive scheme in the NFL which is why he is predicted by many scouts to be the No.1 overall pick. Look for him to become a dominant Pro Bowl player quickly in his career.


~ by jay dunton on April 3, 2011.

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