Fight Night Champion Fights to the Top!


Sportopedia :: Fight Night Champion ScreenshotFight Night Champion

Style: 1-2 player Sports

Publisher: EA Sports

Developer: EA Canada

ESRB ( Rating): M

After a long wait for boxing fans EA finally released the long anticipated Fight Night Champion. It proved worth the wait by delivering the best boxing game in the franchise to date. The graphics and facial animations for all the boxers are breathtaking. The voicework for Fight Night Champion is also well done with the announcers doing a flawless job conveying story points, strategy and the suspense of the fight. The controls are also simplified and a breeze to work with without losing playability. The new champion mode really impressed me the most. In this new addition the story begins with the main character(being you) getting clocked in the head and knocked out. When you come to, you realize this isn’t a regular old boxing match. You’re actually laying on the floor in the middle of the state penitentiary. I won’t ruin the story by telling you any more but I will say what I’ve said so far is just the beginning. New punches were also added to Fight Night such as signature punches from star fighters Manny Pacquiao & Mike Tyson. With over 50 boxers to choose from, Fight Night Champion offers the biggest variety of fighters to date.  EA really delivered a gem in Fight Night Champion and is a must for any boxing fan.


~ by jay dunton on May 7, 2011.

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