Pick a Quarterback

With the Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks & Arizona Cardinals skipping on a signal caller in the draft, it has devoted fans pulling their hair out over who will quarterback their teams going into the 2011 NFL season. Once trades can be made & free agents signed, three high profile quarterbacks lead the list of potential suitors:

  • Donovan McNabb, (who is most likely to be released by Washington once the lockout is lifted)
  • Matt Hasselbeck, (who turned down Seattle’s only offer pre-lockout and likely won’t re-sign with them)
  • & Kevin Kolb (Philadelphia’s 2007 2nd round pick and most desirable amongst the bunch)

Based on rumors, league sources & inside information, here’s how things might turn out..

With very minimal physical wear & tear having only 7 career starts and at the tender age of 26, the Eagles’ 2007 second round pick Kevin Kolb is the most sought after quarterback in the NFL. Washington, Seattle, & Arizona will all be targeting Kolb first once the lockout is lifted. Look for Kolb to land in Arizona where the opportunity to play with Larry Fitzgerald will be too tempting. Landing Kolb is also a must for the Cardinals with Fitzgerald entering the final year of his contract and won’t re-sign and extension without stability at the quarterback position. The flashes of brilliance showed by Kolb under the tutelage of quarterback guru Andy Reid might be enough to entice Fitzgerald to give Arizona another chance to fix their quarterback woes. Seattle is also highly interested in Kolb- they pursued him in the 2010 offseason but are unlikely to give up the first round pick Philadelphia will demand for Kolb. Seattle’s GM John Schneider believes too strongly in building through the draft to give up a first round pick.

Hasselbeck who turns 36 on September 25th is the oldest of the high profile signal callers likely to be available once the lockout is lifted. Pre-lockout, Hasselbeck turned down a contract extension offer (terms undisclosed) that Seattle thought was extremely generous. The Seahawks definitely won’t improve the offer or likely put it back on the table meaning Hasselbeck’s days in Seattle are numbered. The most likely suitor for Hasselbeck is in Tennessee where he’d be reunited with GM Mike Reinfeldt and serve as a mentor to Jake Locker, the Titan’s first round pick.

Where Donovan McNabb ends up in all this is where things start to get tricky. He had strong ties to the Vikings pre-lockout and would have been a great fit for a team that is ready to strongly compete for a championship. With Minnesota shockingly taking Florida State’s Christian Ponder with the 12th overall pick in the first round of the draft they seem to be going in a younger direction than earlier anticipated and all signs are pointing to Ponder being the front-runner for the starting role in 2011. This leads McNabb to San Francisco. The 49er’s took a talented bu extremely raw quarterback in Colin Kaepernick, in the second round of the draft with no delusions that the Nevada quarterback would be ready to take the reigns as early as 2011. Enter Donovan McNabb. Kaepernick’s game greatly resembles that of McNabb’s in his early years in Philadelphia and he would greatly benefit from sitting behind McNabb for a season or two and gradually being integrated into the offense. The Miami Dolphins, who also missed at the quarterback position in the draft is also a possible landing spot for McNabb but is unlikely.


~ by jay dunton on May 17, 2011.

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